Snowy Mountain Rifles 6.5x47 Lapua Package

about 1 year ago
Ed Brown
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Long Range Hunting

This is a ground-up custom 6.5x47 Lapua built by Snowy Mountain Rifles with the following components:
-Snowy Mountain Rifles 3600 Tactical action.
This is a Defiance Deviant with SMR's info engraved on the action.
Integral 20MOA picatinny rail, one-piece fluted bolt.
-Benchmark Stainless 5R Barrel, 22", 1:8 twist with Snowy Mountain Rifles muzzle brake.
5/8x24 threads.
-Manners T4-A stock with left-side flush cups for sling and adjustable LOP kit with Pachmayr Decelerator pad.
Action was bedding into the stock by SMR.
-Snowy Mountain bottom metal for AI mags.
Works flawlessly with MagPul mags.
-TriggerTech trigger set at 1.5 pounds.
-CeraKote MagPul FDE on the barreled action, bottom metal, and scope with Patriot Brown on the bolt shroud/handle, rings, level.
The bipod is half Patriot, half FDE.
-Stock was professionally hydrodipped by Hydro-Dip in Idaho.
The pattern is Kryptek Highlander with a textured top coat.
It looks amazing and feels great.
-Vortex Viper HS-LR 6-24x50 FFP with XLR reticle.
-American Rifle Company M-10 rings.
-Flatline Ops "Sniper" Level
-Harris S-BRM bipod.
-Pelican 1750 case, OD green.
-Midway shooting mat/rifle case, OD green.
-MagPul AICS-style magazine x 1
-200pcs of once-fired Lapua brass, already resized and tumbled in MTM boxes.
The rifle has been fired exactly 200 times with break-in and primary load development already completed.
I feel like it's capable of even better accuracy with more playing around with powder/charge/etc.
The following group is 5-shots at 100 yards with 130 grain Berger VLD Hunting, 38.5 grains of Varget, and CCI 450 primers.
I was shooting off of the bipod with a rear bag.
The chrono averaged 2,855fps with those loads.
The hole up and left is from a bullet fragment coming back through the target backer since my range has steel ramps behind the targets.
It also shoots sub half inch 5-shot groups with 140 grain Nosler Partitions, 140 grain Berger Long Range, and 142 grain Sierra Matchkings.
It shoots great with H-4350 and it shoots decent groups with 140 grain Berger VLD Hunting, more than good enough for hunting but I was going for extreme accuracy.
I've tried a few other loads and no matter what I try, it still shoots 0.75" or better 5-shot groups.
The rifle looks amazing, shoots like a dream, and has practically zero recoil.
You can shoot it all day.
The only flaws on the finish are minor nicks from brass hitting just behind the loading port on the action which is just a fact of life with Cerakoted rifles.
The Midway soft case/mat is brand new, never been on the ground.
The Pelican case is nearly new, not scratched up.
The ONLY reason I'm selling it is because I've been bitten by the Harley bug.
Price is $5,000 shipped.