*SOLD* 6.5 SAUM GAP 4S barreled action for sale *SOLD*

over 1 year ago
*SOLD* 6.5 SAUM GAP 4S barreled action for sale *SOLD*
Ed Brown
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Long Range Hunting

6.5 SAUM GAP 4S barreled action for sale. Built on a Rem700 LA
Relisted. Only barreled action w/ trigger available.
Price is $800.00 shipped.
PayPal OK
Trade for Proof barrel in:
30 cal, 1:9 or 1:9.4 twist
7mm, 1:8 or 1:9 twist
6.5mm, 1:8 twist
Partial trade on:
AICS compatible SA bottom metal.
5/8 group with Copper Creek ammo reported by previous owner
85 rounds through rifle. I have not fired the rifle myself.
Here are the rifle specs:
Remington 700 long action. Action and bolt trued by previous owner.
Benchmark 5r barrel, 1:8" twist, 24" length, Light Palma contour ~.80" @ Brake
Original GAP 4S reamer with .296 neck and .120 freebore
PTG firing pin assembly
Four port muzzle brake
Action is smooth and cycles nice
Professionally Cerakoted Patriot Brown
Remington Xmark trigger (newer, not original trigger)
Reason for selling:
I got so into the cartridge, I'm building a full custom 6.5 SAUM and need money for the last few pieces of the build.
History: I bough the complete rifle on here a few months ago. It was originally durakoted black. It appeared to be a DIY job. It wasnt adhering very well so I took it and had the original coating removed and Cerakoted, Patriot Brown. It hasnt been out of the house after getting coated. Full disclosure (that I didnt get), the action has some pitting. Majority is on the bottom, where the action and original stock touched. The Cerakote place spent a lot of extra time blasting the action to make sure it was all gone. No pitting on the barrel, it obviously happened pre build. I fully believe the issue is fixed and a non-issue. Barrel, chambering, and muzzle brake would cost you $800 plus. $150 Cerakote on top of that.