DJ Getz DF89KFS SBR (Reverse Stretch MP5 clone)

about 2 years ago
DJ Getz DF89KFS SBR (Reverse Stretch MP5 clone)
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This is a MP5 Reverse Stretch clone by DJ Getz. It was turned into a SBR by a shop in Las Vegas. It is currently on a Form 3 with my transfer dealer in Oregon (Portland area) and can be shipped at the buyer's expense. -I'd like to get $2100 for the whole package. (I will not part this out.)
The firearm comes with the eight mags, stocks, and optic in the picture. (The toes and boots in the second picture belong to my dealer and they are not included.) The collapsing stock is the well-regarded ATI Universal MP5 A3 2 Position Retractable Rear Stock that HK Parts sells. The optic is a Burris.
I know I will get the following question: "Why are you selling the firearm before taking possession of it?"
Answer: Unfortunately, a family member who lives in a non-NFA state became ill after I paid for the firearm. The transfer to get it from the dealer in NV to the dealer here in OR was already in process when I learned I might have to relocate.
I have been in a holding pattern. I held off doing the Form 4 transfer paperwork while I waited to see if the picture would become any clearer. Since I really don't know whether I am staying or going, I'd rather sell the firearm than not be able to move with it if I have to leave.
The firearm is used. I do not know the round count. I have additional photos.
Shipping (if necessary) will be the actual cost for shipping to your location.
Thank you for looking.
Regarding the possibility of trades, I'm primarily interested in cash. I'll consider firearms chambered in 9mm, .45 ACP, and 5.56 but my preference is cash.