Factory Bravo Company AR15, As New, Leupold 2x7 & Attachments

about 2 years ago
Factory Bravo Company AR15, As New, Leupold 2x7 & Attachments
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Bravo Company AR-15 (SS410-16-8) with BCM 16" stainless steel barrel 1/8 twist.
See BCM web page for SS410 barrel description. This rifle is as new.
It has been fired less than 25 rounds, just enough to sight in the Leupold 2x7 scope that comes with it (150 yards).
The gun was manufactured entirely by BCM with the exception of the following additions:
(1) Leupold Scope, mounts, neoprene cover, and lens caps,
(2) Magpul BUIS (back up iron sights), (3) Magpul Sling Attachments (the swivels shown in the photos are used ones I had), (3) Magpul "K" forend grip.
The package also includes the eight 30 round magazines (six are shown in the photos but I do have eight) as well as a gun case (not shown in photos).
Both IMI and Lake City 62 gr (M-855) were used sighting in the scope and they both shot to the same point of impact.
I traded my Aug for this rifle hoping that my shoulders would be better able to handle it but I just have to accept the fact that I have to give up rifles until I can get new shoulders (not an option at this time).
Purchase options.
Rifle with attachments as shown in the photos, (8) magazines, and a gun case.
548 Rounds of Israeli Military Industries (IMI) M-855 ammo.
840 Rounds Of Lake City M-855 ammo.
I am not a FFL dealer. Face to face (private sale) to an Oregon resident who is legally entitled to purchase a firearm (ODL or CHL) until August 10th.
I am approximately two and a half hours drive to Roseburg and would be able to drive that far to meet a purchaser before 08/10.
I would take a Sig M11 A1 in trade.
Thank you,
Semper Fi
Beretta photos got in here by accident and I don't seem to be able to delete them.
See my ad for the Beretta in the Handgun Classified section.