Saltworks SWRM4

over 1 year ago
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Selling a Saltworks SWRM4. Note - the rifle has been shot 20 times and has FTE and FTF issues. A gunsmith said it is a head space issue. I contacted Bill who the new owner of the Saltworks company and he said to send in the upper and it would be fixed or replaced within a week. I don't have the time to energy to deal with it so I am asking $750 obo (make your best offer) and I will provide you with the copy of the email from the company owner and all contact information for Saltworks with the warranty promise.
Attached are pics. A beautiful rifle otherwise. Need to move it asap because of the new laws.
PM me or text me at 415-400-9891. I'm in the Bay Area but prefer to do PPT in Sacramento. I travel for work so may be able to do it in the Inland Empire as well.
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