WTS/WTT Rusian SKS and C&R Long Guns Forbestown CA

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WTS/WTT Rusian SKS and C&R Long Guns Forbestown CA
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Cal Guns
(city or county):Forbestown, CA

Make:Russian, Japanese, Finish, Yugo, German
Model: Type 45, Type 38, M39, 24/47, M1895 Chilean Mauser
Caliber: 7.62x39, 6.5 Jap, 7.62x4r, 8mm Mauser, 7mm Mauser
Location (city or county):Forbestown, CA
Price:$700, $300, $500, $250, $400, $150 Hakim Bayonet
Will ship (Y/N): Y
Trades [/ (1.) SKS, (2) Mini 14 or 30 (3.) M44 Mosin or other Mosin carbines, (4) Enfield No1 Mk3, No4 Mk, No5 Mk1 (5.) Modern pistols and C&R pistols, (6.)Yugo AK parts kits. (M70, M70b, ect.)
Russian Type 45 SKS: 1950 with all matching numbers, "un-issued" condition. Perfect laminate stock. Springed firing pin and cleaning kit in the stock. Barrel is in excellent condition and so is the gas tube and piston. Might throw in an original Russian SKS sling for the right trade or price. You won't see a nicer SKS on CalGuns. $700obo
Japanese Type 38 Long Rifle: A good condition Type 38 Long rifle with its Mum in tacked. No import marks what so ever. Has a light patina on the metal and the stock has its original coating on it, which is in good condition. (Back Story) This rifle was sold in an Estate sale and was brought back by the gentleman who served in WWII. No capture papers unfortunately so there is no way to prove it except for the Mum and no import stamps. $300 or trade for C&R firearms or ammo.
Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant: Original blueing so it is thin of course. It still has a perfect Empireal Eagle. The receiver is dated 1915. The rifle was re-arsenaled in 1941 and has a "D" Barrel. Head-space is excellent and she shoots dead on. No stock cracks and come with two sings. One late model with SA stamp. One Original WWII Leather sling with SA marked. $500 OBO.
Yugo 24/47: A good condition. Has a few stock repairs but would make a good hunting rifle. numbers match but mag cover is forced matched. Comes with cleaning rod and sight Hood. Bore is in pristine condition. Will trade for ammo or Yugo, M77 parts. $250
Chilean M1895 7mm Mauser: Comes with everything you see. Comes with bayonet, striper clips, spare sporter stock, spare parts and 200, I believe I have about 60 once fired brass too. Hornady SP interlocks It has no import mark. $400
Hakim Bayonet, $150