Black Powder Rifles!!!!

about 3 years ago
Black Powder Rifles!!!!
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Thompson Center Black Diamond XR .50
I got this gun in trade but I dont really want to get into shooting .50 caliber as I currently shoot many others and getting another mold or buying more balls just isnt going to happen.
Its in great shape, its blued with synthetic stock. Comes as pictured with sling and fiber optic sights. It is also drilled and tapped for scope mounts.
The bore looks good, but dirty. Since I dont shoot 50cal I dont have jags or brushes to clean it with. However, it is missing the breech plug, as such, I can use my light and look through the bore... it looks really good, though it is dirty... no obvious pitting.
SO... in case you missed that... it needs a breech plug.
Interested in trades for other BP guns in .36, .44, .54 & .58 caliber (OR LARGER)
Would also trade for a 1/2 case of 7.62x39 ammo
Mystery hybrid rifle... .58cal Zouave/Enfield Musketoon
.58 cal rifle by Ranson of Italy.
Im not sure what to make of it as it is unlike anything Ive seen before.
Its the illegitimate child of a '63 Zouave & an Enfield Musketoon
You can see in the first picture it is much shorter than the Zouave and very much resembles the Enfield. However, the Enfield had a straighter stock and no patchbox.
Anyhow this is a cool little .58 carbine that while it may not get you into the reenactment world... it will be fun to shoot and will take any four legged game in the area.
This gun has been refinished by a previous owner as well as having Thompson Center fiber optic sights installed. There are some scratches in the finish and the finish on the stock is in good shape.
The bore is a little dirty but when I shine my light in there its shiny and I cannot see any pitting.
FTF in Portland/Vancouver area or I will ship.
Considering trades of anything C&R
Also interested in black powder guns in .36, .44, .54 & .58cal (or larger)