Enfield No.4 MK 2 w bayonet and extras - Los Angeles

almost 3 years ago
FS: Enfield No.4 MK 2 w bayonet and extras - Los Angeles
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(city or county): Los Angeles - SFV

Make: Enfield (Fazakerley - Irish contract)
Model: No.4 MK 2
Caliber: .303 British
Location (city or county): Los Angeles - SFV
Price: $1300
Will ship (Y/N): Y
Other info: Accessories - see below
For sale is a late manufactured (1955) Enfield No.4 MK 2 rifle in pristine condition, with bayonet and sling. Rifle was purchased in the mid-1990s and came wrapped in wax paper and cosmoline. 4-digit serial number: UF 55 A5910.
Rifle has less than 100 rounds through it and shoots beautifully. Attractive, clean blond beech woodwork with no significant dings. All common numbered, receiver, bolt, magazine & forend.
The No.4 MK 2 is renowned for having possibly the slickest, smoothest cycling action of any military centerfire bolt gun ever built, and this one upholds that reputation.
The trigger is your average, stock military trigger, but it has smoothed out a little with limited use. It feels like a 2-stage, with almost no resistance in the first stage and a rather long but fairly smooth pull through in the 2nd stage.
Stock is perfect. The forend on the left side has what appears to be a series of small round gouges, but they are visual only and the wood is perfectly smooth to the touch with only one small scratch near the end (which is not visible in the photo and you have to rub your finger over to find). There are two small imperfections in the wood, possibly arsenal storage dings, just above the serial number on the forend. Stock has the brass butt plate with trapdoor for cleaning gear.
Bayonet is perfect with some original oil remaining. It is a No.9 MK 1, and has several markings including "54", which I believe is the year of manufacture. It is not serialized to the rifle, as they stopped doing that in 1954. This bayonet has never been used in a drive-by bayoneting. ;-)
Sling is coiled and wrapped in clear tape. No mildew.
I'm also throwing in a number of stripper clips (I will give an exact count in the next day or so when I pull them out of storage).
Asking $1300. Will do PPT FTF at Aegis Trading in Burbank.
Shipping is ok but this is a long, fairly heavy rifle and I have to charge $70 to ship insured in a hard case which the buyer can ship back. Upon receipt of the returned case I will immediately mail a refund check of $20 for the return shipping costs.
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