Inglis Hi Power, 1903, Krag, 22 trainers, etc.

over 2 years ago
Inglis Hi Power, 1903, Krag, 22 trainers, etc.
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Hello All,
It's that time again when I have my eye on a new gun but I can't justify the expenditure until I free up some cash, so some weapons have to go up for grabs.
Just so you know, I like all of these guns very much and they are on the chopping block until I make up the money I need and will likely pull them from sale.
My apologies for the crappy pictures; I can get more images and detailed information if you are interested.
Feel free to make an offer or trade.
Worst I can say is no.
So from left to right (top to bottom), I have up for grabs:
1.) French Gras 1874 (pre-1898 antique) training rifle chambered in 22lr.
Has original leather sling (hard find).
She functions, fires, and ejects well.
There is surface pitting on the outside metal pieces.
But considering the age, I think it gives her character.
The bore is fine, it could definitely be better, but she shoots.
Asking $600
2.) Springfield 1903 30-06 low number, 1st year manufacture.
Was originally chambered for 30-03.
She's a beauty, functions great, and a fantastic shooter.
I debated for a while about putting this up for sale simply because I have another one just like her.
Comes with original No-Bukl sling.
Asking $700.
3.) Winchester 1890 in 22lr.
Originally chambered for 22lr, not a rebarrel. Has octagonal barrel and good rifling.
Has crescent buttplate because I like curved butts and I cannot lie.
Functions, fires, and ejects great.
Could probably use a higher front sight.
I will replace it should I keep it.
One thing of note, the serial numbers do not match, sadly, and it looks as though someone fitted a rear aperture sight and later removed it.
Doesn't bother me, hopefully it doesn't bother you.
Asking $500
4.) Husqvarna M38 Mauser 6.5x55mm.
Comes with Leupold 2-7x33mm scope.
Great shooter.
Better scope.
I might be willing to separate.
I will also include the hardware to convert it back to military configuration should you prefer.
Have some ammo to go with it.
Everything for $550.
5.) US Krag-Jorgensen calvary carbine 30-40 Krag.
Has C-marked rear sight 1903 style, but the barrel length is 1/4" too short, so I suspect this isn't an original carbine.
At any rate she's gorgeous and smooth.
I've never shot her, but barrel looks excellent.
Comes with extra original non C-marked rear sights (probably worth $200 on the Ebay) and repro sling.
I prefer to have to full-length rifle.
Asking $575.
Inglis Hi-Power w/ shoulder stock and tangent rear sight.
9mm Luger, Matching numbers, with original mag, buttstock is a repro.
Therefore it has some loose wiggle.
If I keep I'll get an original stock.
I have extra mousetrap magazines available for extra $ if interested.
Asking $975.
7.) Remington 1917 mfg trench bayonet for 1917 enfield/1897 trench shotgun.
Original, beautiful, and sharp.
Selling because I have two.
Asking $100.
As for trades interests, if you have a Sig P226 9mm SAO, or a Wilson Combat Beretta 92G-SD, we could talk about that.
I always a sucker for milsurp and 22's I suppose.