Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1, Evansville area only $275 FIRM

over 3 years ago
Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1,  Evansville area only $275 FIRM
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For sale is a 1943 Lee Enfield in .303 British.
I have never fired this one and I would like $275 firm for it.
I have my eye on a couple of other items and some things need to go to make room.
Here are the details.
I believe it is your standard mixmaster with CAI import markings at the end of the barrel. I am curious if there is anything "interesting" about this rifle, or if it's just a run of the mill No.4 Mk1. I took it all the way apart and spent about 5 hours gently cleaning the metal. I was careful not to damage what finish was left, I mainly used CLP on a rag and I had to use 0000 steel wool in a couple spots to get off a bit of surface rust.
I left the wood alone. There is significant pitting on the barrel under the wood line (similar to the trigger guard) but I think it is safe to shoot. The pitting appears to be slightly deeper than the stampings on the barrel, but less than your standard dovetail.
The only pitted areas are the trigger guard and the small patch on the outside of the barrel as shown below in the pictures.
With that said I am NOT a gunsmith and all firearms should be checked by a gunsmith before being fired.
The original serial number is U8299 and it has a "B" above that, indicating it is a BSA. I observed the following markings on the rifle.
S.L. British crown over M/37 W heel D heel M.B.13 on front band CEW on middle band N top left side of receiver
Receiver- Crown over ? on rear of receiver, "B" 1942 or 1943 not sure
2 on bolt head N67 MKII rear of bolt
Trigger Guard- Unknown symbol