WTT/S Enfield No. 4 Mk 1 w/extras

12 months ago
Available on
Cal Guns
Soviet Socialist Republic of Kalifornia

Good condition. Numbers match. Dated 10/48. Got it many years ago. Shot it once. Gave it to my dad, more as just something cool to have and he kinda liked the enfield as a historical thing. He never shot it. I've had it in the safe for years. Always planned to shoot it but never did. Kids don't want to shoot it. So guess it goes.
I got a sporterized enfield several years ago that I was going use for my son's hunting rifle but with the lead ban...doesn't really work for that.
My kids really want a bolt 223/556.
Comes with set of dies
4 stripper clips
About 50 pieces of once fired brass (I have a sporterized enfield also. Much of brass came from that).
And 5 pieces primed brass
Also 30 rounds loaded with 10.5 gr trail boss. TO BE SOLD AS COMPONENTS ONLY. I will pull bullets before sale or trade.
I will be happy to throw in 100 LPP and a bottle of trail boss or a bottle of imr 4895. So you can start shooting and reloading right away.
Looking to trade for a bolt 223. Or sell everything for $600.