WTT Swedish K31 & M96/38, Roseville,No Shipping

about 3 years ago
WTT Swedish K31 & M96/38, Roseville,No Shipping
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(city or county): Roseville

Make: Swedish/ Carl Gustav
Model: 1942 K31 & 1899 M96/38
7.5x55 & 6.5x55
Location (city or county): Roseville
Price: WTT
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info:
The first one is the K31 bought from Simpson LTD. Excellent condition with all matching numbers and troop tag. Comes with hard to get correct year bayonet (1932-194?)Comes with muzzle cap, sling, and the SIG cleaning kit. I also have 310 rounds of GP11.
Second one is a 1899 Carl Gustuv M96/38 Mauser in 6.5x55. Good condition with all matching numbers. (including stock) It also has a sling and cleaning kit. I have brand new Lee three die set (never used), 60 rounds of PPU, 40 spent cases (PPU) 200 Hornady bullets (soft points I believe) as well. I might throw in a powder of powder for the right trade.
Trades Looking for, All matching numbers SKSs (Russian preferably but I love them all), Finish Mosins, Enfields (No4 patterns), Yugo M48. All trades if less than the value of trade item, plus cash.