Ishapore 2aBA $300.00

over 3 years ago
 Ishapore 2aBA $300.00
Available on
Northwest Firearms
Hillsboro OR

So, yeah, had it a week and selling it.
in very nice shape
I like it, but the sights on Enfield don't line up for me, so no big deal, get a cheek piece, or even some foam and tape, right, well sure, that would work, but these repro cheek pieces are kind of cool. and you know, only $25.00.
Triggers what it is, nothing wrong with it, but drop in triggers from Huber Concepts are very nice
Sure, but that's another $100.
I know someone that wanted one, lets check with him . . . nope, he was thinking of an Enfield, like the Envoy.
Yeah, for $350.
Too bad the wood came from Vietnam, kind of makes them hard to import.
This is the only one I could find for sale, it's missing it's sights, and they STILL got $800 for it.
Uh, hold on a second . . . no magazine?
and what the heck with the trigger and the trigger guard screws.
Would have loved to be there when the buyer figured out he paid $800 for a buba Frankingun
Now this is more like it! An Enforcer, a real one, and it only sold for
(drum roll please!) $4,014.00.
But that looks cool, right?
And the Ishapore is pretty close, wonder how much it would be to get it rebarreled?
Not going go down that road again, and if I keep it, I will.
Haven't shot it, but I hear it will hold minute of pie plate at 100 yards off the hood of a Jeep all day long.
$300 cash or my usual trade bait.
And the obligatory bore shot that I can never get right.