WTS Various long guns, concord will ship

over 3 years ago
WTS Various long guns, concord will ship
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Cal Guns
East Bay, Ca

Pedersoli, Enfield Longbranch, Geha MauserModel:
Brown Bess, No4 Mk1/3, Hard Hit HeartCaliber:
.75, 303, 12gaLocation (city or county):
ConcordPrice: Will ship (Y/N):
YESOther info:
Looking to sell some more of my gun collection.
Shipping on the Enfield and the Geha
$35, shipping on the Pedersoli will be $55 due to size and weight.
1- Pedersoli Brown Bess. $950 if done face to face will include powder. Musket comes with powder flask extra flints, bayonet, tools, and some patches. Round count 100 and is in 95% condition.
2- Longbranch No4 mk 1/3. Probably most accurate rifle I own. Stock is blonde and excellent condition. Bright shiny bore $450
3- Geha Mauser shotgun 12 gauge. $150. Works well, stock has has numerous repairs.
Pics to come and more to come for sale soon. I am in concord and can meet most anywhere in the Bay Area.