OR TOO ...Classic, unique AR15...

almost 3 years ago
OR TOO     ...Classic, unique AR15...
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So here I am, selling my baby. I planned, plotted and saved to make this thing happen... well, not really saved. I blew most of my tax return on it
Anyhow, I have been slowly getting away from ARs and back into the commie stuff... as thats where most of my collection is.
I guess American stuff piqued my interest until WWII era...
So, this beauty consists of the following
DPMS A2 upper with Wilson 20" match grade heavy barrel
in 223 Wylde (shoots 556 & 223 reliably and accurately)
Anderson Lower with PSA kit
Awesome laminated wood stocks
includes the leather sling pictured, 3 mags and a bayonet (cheap one)
Will meet up from Portland to Longview.
I will trade for a nice Romanian built PSL/Romak3/FPK... DMR rifle in 7.62x54r
Also trade for a Vepr in 7.62x54r with 23" bbl.
If just a bare rifle, add ammo, scope, upgraded stock or cash
Make an offer. I can add some more mags & ammo to make the right deal too.