Vietnam era military stove 1966 coleman 527

almost 3 years ago
Vietnam era military stove 1966 coleman 527
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Tualatin, Oregon

Two burner coleman made stove used by the army WWII, Korea and Vietnam. This model issued as a field medical sterilizer, hence the metal pan and lid it stores in. Stove runs, is used and shows use, has 1 of 2 original burner/jet kits in its storage rack. The pot cooks a bunch of stew and chili and the lid can be used as a flat top cooking surface. The pot looks to be aluminum and the lid looks like stainless. Army had single burner individual stoves, field mess 3 burner and these medical sterilizer 2 burner units. There is a lot of info and such on the interweb for these.
Measures approx 14 x 9 x 6. 2 original windscreens store in the pot, along with the stove.
It is marker coleman, and 1966 as well as US Army. It is not a clean pristine unit, has dirt, some rust spots ect. It is functional history!
Stores well behind the seat if you like to keep a stove in the rig while out and about!
$75 cash can make it yours, open to trade for AR mags, 223/556ammo hipoint995 mags g17 mags...PM me. Newberg eves and weekends, tualatin Cabelas noon and 5pm m/f