WWII Fairbairn -Sykes Fighting Knife, 3rd Pattern Late War Production

over 3 years ago
WWII Fairbairn -Sykes Fighting Knife, 3rd Pattern Late War Production
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Up for trade is a nice example of the famous WWII era Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife in the later 3rd pattern.
7" double edged forged steel blued carbon steel blade, very sharp. Cast aluminum handle. Thick steel crosspiece stamped "ENGLAND."
Original leather belt sheath with pressed steel protective tip, also stamped "ENGLAND."
Despite the name, this was intended as a "killing knife" more than a "fighting knife" -- designed for commandos to silently dispatch sentries, and is lightweight, agile and razor sharp. Very different from the much heavier American GI knives which were more of a muli-tool (knife, hammer, shovel, etc.) This one appears to be later WWII production from the 3rd pattern when brass became to scarce to make knife handles and the design was switched to a painted
alloy handle.
This old girl has seen some use, quite possibly in combat.
The blade is in good condition with some sharpening scratches in the bluing and a single nick on the edge. It holds an excellent sharp edge as a good forged carbon steel blade should. The cotton thread in the holster had rotted out and has been restitched with heavy nylon upholstery thread.
I picked this one up in a trade awhile back, and I don't really have a need for it. Open to interesting trades -- Firearms (or related stuff),
quality knives, CA$H, or ?? Make me a offer!
Looking for something Face to Face in the PDX metro area. Thanks NWFA!