Erma EM1 (German.22 cal M1 carbine copy)

about 5 years ago
 Erma EM1 (German.22 cal M1 carbine copy)
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I bought this from a forum member awhile ago,took it out to shoot it,and click..nothing..I tore it down and the firing pin was broken off.Therefore,youll have to buy a firing pin (available online for $30-$40)
Its a neat copy of a US M1 carbine.Ive been told these were used by the German Army or police as trainers for the M1.This one is in decent shape,stock has some dings and dents,but other than the firing pin,seems to work great.Comes with 1 10 round magazine.Has factory dovetail for a scope.Made in 1967,and imported before the law requiring import marks.
The picture shows it next to my USGI M1 carbine for comparison (Real M1 is NOT FOR SALE)
I paid $225,never got a chance to fire it since the guy mislead me. I need cash to buy a house and anything I can live without is getting the ax.
Price these on Gunbroker or anywhere else you'd like..This is a great deal.
$125 cash or trade for any mil-surp rifle or handgun. .30 carbine ammo or magazines,8MM mauser ammo,WW2 collectibles,OR????
FTF,WA residents only
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