GSG STG 44, Erma Luger, Ruger American Rimfire

over 4 years ago
GSG STG 44, Erma Luger, Ruger American Rimfire
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Easton, Pennsylvania (Northampton County)

GSG STG 44 22lr with 2-25rnd mags and 1-10rnd. less than 100rns down the pipe. come with the crate.
Erma Luger 22lr 1-10rnd mag and holster. its very picky with ammo, as long as you use CCI mini mags or any other LRN its shoots great and is very accurate, doesn't like hollow points or bird shot.
Ruger American Rimfire. comes with ncstar 6X42 scope, bi-pod, 1-10rnd .22lr mag and 1-10rnd
.22short mag. Less than 50 rnds shot threw her.
Will sell STG and Luger as a package for
Will sell all 3 as a package for
and throw in about 300rnd of various 22 ammo.
The only trade I would be interested in at this time would be a Ruger 77/357, Ruger SR1911 or any other descent 1911.
Don't currently have a pick of the ruger, will take and post one later