WTS: German K98 rifles, 1936 S/147, bnz44 Nazi SS, bnz45 (spf)

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WTS: German K98 rifles, 1936 S/147, bnz44 Nazi SS, bnz45 (spf)
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For Sale: 3 German K98 riflesFirst ?I?ll take it? by time stamp wins the rifle. Please do not post I?ll Take It before looking closely at the photos and knowing what you are buying.Photos ? if you need to see any other photos or need more information send me an email for quickest response. **Experts - please correct me if I?m wrong on any of the details as I?m still learning about these German rifles**1) Late war German K98, bnz45Price: **SPF**$1475 + $45 UPS Ground Shipping to your FFL01/FFL03, CONUS only, USPS MO preferredThis is an ?S block? serial numbered rifle and is a very late war example, probably in the last few weeks of the war. I believe this one is all matching and correct. All of the serial numbers match on the bolt and receiver. The trigger housing is a stamped construction and is marked svw, while the floorplate is a stamped byf piece. I believe this is correct for a late war rifle like this??There is a some type of inspection mark, ?3?, that appears in various places on the rifle including the stock, bolt, and receiver.The stock is very nice but I was told that it may have been cleaned with a chemical agent. It doesn?t appear to be sanded but it may have been stripped of the original finish.The rifle is in very good shape overall, with much of the phosphate and blued finish remaining. The bore is bright and shiny, as well.Right sideLeft side 2) Prewar German K98, 1936 S/147Price: $750 + $40 UPS Ground Shipping to your FFL01/FFL03, CONUS only, USPS MO preferredThis is rifle is all matching except for the stock. The handguard even matches, but the main stock does not.It seems like every tiny piece, including the main screws are either marked with the last two digits of the serial number or have the ? Eagle 214? stamp! I can?t believe how small some of them are and they were a challenge to photograph. I looked over the rifle carefully but there is a chance I missed some. If you don?t see something you need to see, let me know.The bore is bright and shiny on this rifle, as well.I?ll let the photos speak for themselves?Right sideLeft sideADDED 10-4-12:3) German K98, bnz 44 with armorer?s replacement stock, ERMA EL-24 .22LR conversion, and original wartime slingPrice: $1800 + $45 UPS Ground Shipping to your FFL01/FFL03, CONUS only, USPS MO preferredThis is a ?no letter? serial block rifle which means it was a Nazi SS contract rifle.The metal is in very good condition overall. The bores are bright and shiny ? both the original 8mm bore and the .22LR conversion kit bore.THERE IS NO 8MM BOLT or other accessories from the EL-24 kit ? you get just what you see in the photos.The stock is an armorer?s replacement stock with no serial numbers stamped in the barrel channel. There is an ink stamp inside the stock?s barrel channel that reads ?18 JUN 1941? and there are stamped markings under the butt-plate that read ?B? ?4 16 41?. The handguard is stamped on the inside with the numbers ?5 88 7?. The stock has an un-repaired duffle cut.There has been some discussion about the stock over on the K98 Mauser section of Gunboards (http://forums.gunboards.com/showthre...mmon-K98-parts) and the consensus seems to be that the stock was sanded. There are some visible spots of what looks like wood putty (or glue?) so it would make sense that there was at least some light sanding. Overall, however, the stock looks pretty nice. I want the buyer to be happy with the rifle so please look closely at the photos and if you need to see something else let me know before you commit to purchase. Right side
Left sideMore detailed photos for each rifle to come...