RARE! HK Fabarms SAT-8 semi-auto shotgun $900, trade for 1911, AR15, AK47, .22 pistol

over 5 years ago
RARE! HK Fabarms SAT-8 semi-auto shotgun $900, trade for 1911, AR15, AK47, .22 pistol
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Make: HK - Fabarms
Model: SAT-8
Caliber: 12 Guage
Location (city or county): San Mateo County
Price: $900 or will trade for a nice 1911 .45, an AR-15, AK-47, or a .22 target pistol or revolver. I will only trade for guns that are in exceptional shape. Cash can go either way to make it fair, but I am not getting gouged by any nitwits that think their $800 AR is worth 5 grand.
Will ship (Y/N): Yes to sell No to trade
Other info: Up for sale is a like-new condition HK Fabarm SAT 8 type Tactical Shotgun. There have been 5 rounds through it, 5 00buck. The iron sight accuracy of this shotgun was amazing. This has a flip-up front sight at the muzzle, a picatinny rail on the receiver and a notch rear sight at the rear of the picatinny rail. The barrel is a great innovatively designed 3 bore barrel which acts as an internal choke and recoil reducer. From 15 yards, all 9 pellets from 00 buck would group in a 6" circle- no b.s.. This baby is dead on, lightweight and really, really low recoil. The PULSE PISTON system reduces the recoil and acts with a perfect progressiveness instead of gas operating semi-auto shotguns with valves working only OPENED or CLOSED.
The result is a very light, accurate, fast cycling tactical shotgun. Definitely the best I've ever handled.
You cannot find one of these in the US. The new model FABARM SAT 8 TACTICAL model does not bear the HK logo, and can only be purchased in Canada. Mine, with the HK logo is a very rare find indeed.