1997 Subaru Impreza OBS - Lifted and Badass

about 3 years ago
1997 Subaru Impreza OBS - Lifted and Badass
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Its time to sell my 97 Impreza OBS Wagon because I hardly drive it. It would make the perfect daily driver, winter beater, rally-x car, get out of Dodge means of conveyance, or all of the above.
Year: 1997
Make: Impreza
Model: Outback Sport
Style: Wagon
Mileage: 240,XXX Miles
Engine: 2.2l
Transmission: Automatic
Title Status: In hand, ready to go with the car.
Price: $2000 (Cash, nothing else.)
Car is located near Speedway, and I can meet most nights and weekends. Please see the bottom of the ad for the fine print.
The previous owner painted it with bedliner, so it is currently a flattish black color.
It is on WRX wheels with basically new General Grabber AT2 215/65/16 tires. It has also been lifted with Forester struts, springs, and front trailing arm brackets. The front struts are very low mileage KYB GR2s. The rear drum brakes were shot, so both entire rear corners were replaced with the hubs and disc brake set up from a 2005 OBS. The stock radio was also a piece of crap, so I swapped in the head unit and speakers from a 2002 WRX. The headlights have also been modified for the low beams to stay on when switching to high beams.
A/C and heat both work as they should. After lifting, it was aligned at Falcone Subaru in Speedway. I can provide the alignment paperwork (if I can find it). It aligned perfectly and is well within tolerance. It is by no means a show room car, but it is fun, reliable, and there are definitely bigger pieces of **** out there.
Below is pretty much anything good/bad that I can think of. If I come across anything else, I will add it to the appropriate list.
The Good:
Its a 2.2 litre.
Has a custom intake resonator box delete.
New front wheel bearings, both sides.
New front, lower ball joints, both sides.
New spark plug wires.
New spark plugs.
New battery. (late 2013)
New, hand me down WRX radio and speakers.
New battery cable.
New water pump. (early 2015)
New front brake rotors and pads.
Window Tint.
Rear drums were converted to discs.
4HI headlight mod.
Its lifted, therefore, badass.
Front struts are low mileage KYB GR2s.
Basically new Grabber AT2s on WRX wheels.
Muffler delete mod.
The Bad:
240,XXX miles.
Duty C solenoid is intermittent.
Both side mirrors are cracked. (Bought it this way, but they are still usable)
Has small areas of rust on quarters and a couple other places, but nothing OMG bad.
Will make you want to get it dirty.

- Being that all I accept is cash, it will not persuade me to sell it to you for your low ball offer just because you are willing to pay in cash.
- This is also the part where I add that it is being sold as-is with no warranties or guarantees. This does not mean it is a huge pile of ****, but that I am not responsible if you crash it into a tree or if the engine tanks out on you because you dont know what an oil change is. Other than that, do your research and make a smart purchase.
- I require a bill of sale be filled out and signed by the purchaser.
Some pictures I have of it, but I will try to post some more, recent pictures in the next couple days.