Japanese T38 Arisaka, Sacramento, No Shipping

over 2 years ago
Japanese T38 Arisaka, Sacramento, No Shipping
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(city or county): Sacramento

Make: Japanese Arisaka
Caliber: 6.550mmSR Arisaka
Location (city or county): Sacramento
Price: $350
Will ship (Y/N): Not at this time (don't have a box long enough)
Other info: Kokura Arsenal Series 25, intact mum
Nice Japanese Type 38 rifle for sale in original 6.5mm Japanese caliber. These can be somewhat difficult to find!
From my internet research I believe I have identified this as a Kokura Arsenal Series 25, made sometime between 1933 and 1940.
No matching numbers on this rifle that I can see. Full intact mum, no marks to it so rifle probably was captured in the field by GI's at some point.
The wood is in nice condition and the metal is in good condition, still very retains most of the black finish with some small pitting along the edge where wood meets metal.
The lands in the bore are visible but show some wear and light pitting, and the lands seem to fade out about an inch from the muzzle.
I have personally shot 20 rounds through this rifle and got about 6" groups at 50
yards. So not a terribly accurate rifle but I think it can be valued for its historical value.
It also has very mild, almost non-existent recoil. It was very pleasant to shoot. This is a long rifle, it measures about 50" overall.
I will include the spent 20 casings for buyer.
PPT in Sacramento area or reasonable driving distance from Sacramento