Oregon Kimber 1911 *hard to find*

about 2 years ago
Oregon Kimber 1911 *hard to find*
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I have a Kimber Classic Custom .45 ACP with the KIMBER. CLACKAMAS. OR. USA roll mark in the 1300 serial number range.
The gun comes in the original box and is stock with the exception of a few Wilson Combat parts I swapped out: black Bullet Proof slide stop, black Bullet Proof recoil spring plug, stainless Bullet Proof GI-style recoil spring guide, standard recoil spring. I still have the original parts but wanted a gun that could be field stripped more easily like an original USGI pistol.
I also added 5 Wilson Combat 47CB magazines, which are black, full size, 7 rounds, with a low-profile steel base pad. These are the magazines the Marines reportedly specified in their last order for Colt 1911's a couple of years ago.
The gun is in excellent condition. I bought it from a local gun dealer who had it in his safe since close to its original date of manufacture and never shot it. He was the second owner, said but didn't think his friend shot it much, if at all. I put 200 rounds through it.
I got into a bidding war for it with a few guys on Gun Broker and paid $1700 and some change. The parts upgrades were $200 and some change.
I'd like to get $1500 out of it. I live in Hillsboro and would like to conduct the transfer through Beavercreek Armory, where we will split the transfer costs.