***Ruger M-77R Blue/Walnut in .223***

about 2 years ago
***Ruger M-77R Blue/Walnut in .223***
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Northwest Firearms

This one was made in 1995 and has been living in the back of the safe ever since. This one was just to darn pretty for me to make a working field gun out of it. In the box with the rings and book. Please PM an e-mail address with a request for additional photos. This is brand spanking new. Ruger Prop rod is NOT included.
Caliber: .223
Barrel length:22 inches
Sporter weight/regular taper barrel
No factory sights
I would only be guessing on the barrel twist rate. Perhaps someone here may have a more definite answer. I have been told either 1:9 or 1:12.
The box label says Catalog Number M77R-MK11, and the model is 7819, serial number 783-74XXX.
$700+ Actual shipping cost---My FFL to Your FFL
$25 Discount for current NRA members
Would love to trade this for a Redhawk in .357. Much easier to fit in the safe.