WTS Multiple C&R long guns: Semi Auto, Bolt Action & Antique. Cerritos

11 months ago
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I'm heading in a different direction with my collection so these rifles are surplus to my needs are are up for sale to make room for other purchases
I am located in Cerritos and for now, I would prefer to work with 03FFL/COE holders on these rifles (other than the Antique which does not require FFL) and meet face to face at either Insight shooting range or Ammo Bros Cerritos.
As usual, with any used firearm please have them checked out by a qualified and competent gunsmith prior to shooting.
First up CMP Springfield Garand Service Grade $950
Most parts look to be Springfield including June 1943 receiver and 6/47 barrel, bolt, trigger housing and op rod.
This rifle is exactly how I received it from the CMP except I spent a great deal of time and effort refinishing the CMP stock as detailed here
To me this rifle looks like it was reparked by CMP as the finish is very nice but there is some pitting at and below the wood line.
Looks like a lead dipped heal as well on this one
I have not fired this rifle but it is greased and ready for the range.
Full album of pictures https://imgur.com/a/saXIm
Next up
CMP Six Digit Springfield Garand Field Grade $850
January 1942 receiver with Springfield 1/52 barrel. Bolt, op rod, trigger housing also Springfield.
Receiver leg is etched "RRAD 8-66" indicating that at least the receiver underwent a rebuild at Red River Army Depot in August 1966
I took this rifle to Angeles shooting range a few months ago and my friends and I ran around a dozen clips through it and it functioned flawlessly.
It is exactly as it came to me from CMP except for the stock. It did come with a birch USGI stock and hand guards but I changed out the stock for a different beautifully figured USGI birch stock
Full album here https://imgur.com/a/4FAum
Next up
Egyptian FN-49 in 8mm $850
Rifle is in good shape and appears to function properly. I have not fired this rifle nor have I taken it out of the stock.
Stock disk is present and this does NOT appear to be one of the Century built "Eagle of Saladin" rifles but I am not an expert on these.
Bore looks good, slightly frosty with sharp lands and grooves. I would expect this rifle to make a fine shooter
Full album here https://imgur.com/a/flKl1
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Swiss 1896/11 $375
Another rifle that I have not had a chance to shoot yet so off it goes.
All matching except the magazine.
Bore is bright and shiny and overall good condition. Plastic "barrel" on the straight pull bolt is cracked but from what I understand these can be replaced pretty easily.
No visible import mark however I have not take the rifle out of the stock so there may be one somewhere
Full album here https://imgur.com/a/B2QQ9
Last up for now
Antique Sk.Y Finnish Civil Guard M39 $575
Built on an antique 1895 Tula receiver and therefore requires no FFL
Can "cash and carry" on this one for anyone who is not a prohibited person.
Beautiful rifle in a nicely figured wartime stock.
Please note the butt stock is NOT cracked, there is some separation at the toe splice which is what you'll see in the pictures.
Bolt is force matched to barrel (aka "Finn Matched.) The floorplate and buttplate are non matching which is common for M39's
Bore is good, slightly frosty with very sharp lands and grooves.
You'll also see in the pictures that the metal below the wood line is slathered in black cosmoline so you will need to thoroughly clean this rifle if you plan on shooting it
Full album here https://imgur.com/a/AZWT6