WTS: Remington 700 25-06 SS

over 1 year ago
Tactical Taz
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Long Range Hunting
Laramie, WY

I am selling a Remington 700 25-06 Rem SS. This is a stainless action and stainless barrel with a synthetic stock. Also mounted is a Leupold VX-L 4.5-14x50mm with Varmint reticle and Alumina caps front and rear. I have the original scope box still. This rifle has a 4+1 capacity detachable magazine. Asking $1150 shipped. Message me an offer. This rifle is kept in a safe at all times and transported in a hard case.
I have shot no more than 200 rounds through the rifle and it shoots the inexpensive factory ammo very well. This rifle has one of the lightest factory trigger pulls i have ever felt (I have not modified it in any way). The rifle shoots great and was my first rifle used for hunting. It has killed many elk. This would make a great first rifle for your son or daughter. It is light enough to pack and does not kick very much at all. There are some light scuffs on the stock from shooting in the field but they do not effect performance at all. I can split up the scope and rifle if need be. I am only selling as I am now getting into long range a little more and would like to upgrade and need the room in my safe.