WTT --HENRY BIG BOY LEVER ACTION RIFLE 357 MAGNUM ---San Diego/Escondido/Temecula

over 1 year ago
WTT --HENRY BIG BOY LEVER ACTION RIFLE 357 MAGNUM ---San Diego/Escondido/Temecula
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Purchased new from Gander Mountain, had to wait 3 months for it to arrive.
As with all my new guns, this was field stripped, cleaned and lubricated with SLIP 2000 before shooting. I was extremely impressed by the lack of tooling marks and the craftsmanship of the tooling that went into the receiver. Barrel did not have any metal shavings as I examined during the cleaning and maintenance.
This has seen one range trip, 45 rounds of 357 magnum and 50 rounds of 38 special, proper break-in was ensured.
Was cleaned thoroughly and lubricated afterwards.
Pristine (NEW) condition, not a ding, scratch or blemish anywhere. The octagon blued barrel is really something to admire, not to mention the beautiful wood furniture. It's a hefty gun and makes shooting 357 magnum feel like shooting a 22LR.
Extremely accurate, with just ball ammo, I was able to achieve 1.25" MOA at 60 yards.
However, it has sat in safe ever since. With a new job commitment and a baby on the way, I need to make sacrifices. Don't have time to drive an hour to the rifle range and can't afford to keep a firearm I don't shoot as much as I'd like to.
This is a beautiful, American made rifle the new owner will be sure to appreciate.
Asking $780 or trade for a pistol, 1911 etc.