Mini Firestorm .40, NOW WITH PICS!!

over 5 years ago
 Mini Firestorm .40, NOW WITH PICS!!
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OK, so I picked this up a while back to be a lighter alternative to my compact 1911. As it turns out, it isn't that much lighter with a full magazine (10 rounds of .40 is heavier than 6 rounds of .45... who knew?). The only thing I don't have is the safety key (about $3.00 from Bersa, I just haven't needed it since I have a pistol safe).
Here's what I have:
Firestorm Mini .40 with 2 10 round magazines and Blackhawk Sportster holster. Three dot sights, shoots nice in DA/SA, ergonomics are great, easy to control in rapid fire, safety/decocker, accurate and fairly small. Same pistol as the Bersa Thunder .40 UC, without the hooked trigger guard.
I do have some .40 ammo, defensive and ball that could go with it, if you care to trade round for round in 9mm or .45.
Here's what I'm looking for:
Polymer frame single stack 9mm, .40 or .45 like:
Bersa BP9CC, Taurus slim 709 or 740, Shield 9 or .40, XDs, Kahr CM, Kel-Tec, etc.
I can add a little cash if you have something really cool.
edit 4/2/13: inbox cleared and pics