1951 Tula SKS - $600 - (LA County/NO SHIP)

over 1 year ago
1951 Tula SKS - $600 - (LA County/NO SHIP)
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Cal Guns
Arcadia, CA (Los Angeles County)

Location: Arcadia, CA (Los Angeles County)
Make: Tula
Model: SKS
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Barrel Length: 20"
Will ship: No
Condition: Pre-Owned, Fully-Operational. There is visible finish/parts wear (see images for additional details).
Asking Price: Only $600 US Dollars (Firm, non-negotiable. Buyer pays PPT/DROS fees.)
Trades: Will consider trading this rifle and cash for a Walther PPQ M2 4" in .40S&W.
•Hello my friends, the item for sale is a 1951 Tula SKS.
•I am throwing in 10 charger/stripper clips and a front sight adjustment tool at no additional cost.
•The rifle has the cleaning rod, but no buttstock capsule cleaning kit or sling.
•The rifle did not come with a hard case, and will be sold without one at the advertised price. However, I can sell a Boyt H44/Plano 42" locking hard case to accompany the rifle (at additional cost) if you so wish.
•I have 2 sealed cases (in original wood crates) of Yugo 7.62x39mm ball on stripper clips if you wish to purchase those with the rifle, or separately. My understanding is that the primers are corrosive, but the projectiles are non-magnetic.
•I would prefer to meet at Alamo Pawn in West Covina, but I am potentially open to other FFLs (I reserve to right to decline meeting at certain FFLs).
•The rifle is in pre-owned, fully working condition.
•As can clearly be seen in the photos, the stock and handguard have seen better days. If you want a mint-condition SKS, this is honestly not the specimen for you. If you want something affordable to plink with, and/or something that will help keep you alive when the black flag is raised, this will work nicely.
•The wood aside, the rifle is actually in pretty nice condition overall. The bore is nice and shiny, with distinct rifling.
•The rear-right of the receiver has the following import markings: "SKS 7.62X39 CDI SWAN VT".
•Right next to the import markings are a "MADE IN RUSSIA" marking, and a "CCCP"-series serial number.
•The receiver cover has the Tula Arsenal marking, as well as what appears to be a "1951r" stamp.
•The receiver, stock, bolt carrier, bolt, receiver cover, trigger guard, gas tube, and rear sight all appear to have the same matching "763" marking (preceded by 2 Cyrillic characters).
•The magazine assembly appears to have been originally stamped "3860", and later electropenciled with "763".
•I have no idea how many rounds, if any, were fired through the rifle prior to my acquisition of it.
•During my term of ownership, the rifle has only been taken to the range once. 100 Rounds of Fiocchi 124 Grain FMJ (.310") were fired through it, and (using that loading) the sights were zeroed at 92 yards, using the 100 meter rear sight setting. No stoppages, malfunctions, or parts breakages have been experienced. The rifle was cleaned and lubricated using Break-Free CLP after that range trip.
•No shipping at this time. Cash only please (no checks, money orders, IOUs, etc.).
•The first "I'll take it" (implying acceptance of my asking price) in this thread gets priority over any counter-offers or "I'm interested" statements.
•If multiple offer acceptances are made, item will be offered to next buyer in line if prior buyer fails to complete sale or maintain contact within a time frame I deem to be reasonable.
•If, in the event that the first buyer is unable to complete the transaction, the item will be offered to other Calgunners based *solely* on the order in which they post a "I'll take it" after the first buyer did. This keeps things fair for everyone, and you can always delete such a post if you change your mind before I get to you.
•The buyer will be given the opportunity to perform an inspection of the firearm when we meet at the FFL shop, prior to payment.
•All sales are final. I offer no warranty, express or implied.
•Buyer is responsible for all PPT/DROS fees at the dealer.
•Upon successful and smooth completion of transaction, I will leave positive iTrader feedback for the buyer.
Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.
(NOTE: Photos were taken June-July 2016. I'm working on getting newer photos taken, but I assure you that the rifle is as pictured. If the rife materially differs from the photo representations upon physical inspection, the buyer obviously has the right to withdraw from the sale without repercussions.)