Saiga 12 (unconverted)and drum rebuild kits

over 4 years ago
Saiga 12 (unconverted)and drum rebuild kits
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Cal Guns
San Diego

Make: Izhmash
Model: Saiga-12
Caliber: 12ga
Location (city or county): San Diego
Price: $1000
Will ship (Y/N): no
Other info: selling a slightly used saiga 12, 225 rounds down the pipe nothing more. this saiga has cycled everything from low brass to high brass to buck shot. very impressive hasnt malfunctioned with any shot.(Yet), comes with original box and manual. 5 rd factory mag as well as the cleaning rod and small items that came with the box. now for the rebuild kits i will sell the 12rd drum rebuild for an extra $70 to the price. and i also have a 20rd drum rebuild that i will sell for an extra $100 if you buy the firearm(I am not parting the rebuild kits until the firearm has been sold).once the firearm has been sold prices for the drums rebuilds will be: 12rd-$110, 20rd-$160, prices based from online vendors.