Antique No FFL- Early Forehand Arms .32 Nickel

almost 5 years ago
Antique No FFL- Early Forehand Arms .32 Nickel
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I am continuing to sell off my Bureau Drawer Special collection, and here is another one:
This one is marked 1891 and they were made until 1898. This .32 solid frame revolver has a 17XXX serial number which should put it as made in the early to mid-1890s. There is about 85% or better nickel finish remaining, and surprisingly this little revolver has a very nice action and a bright shiny bore with no pitting. Looks like it was carried but not shot much. The grips on this one are still marked "F&W" in honor of Wadsworth, the brother in law of Forehand, who had died the year before. (Or else, they just still had leftover grips, lol.) There is a 1/2 inch long chip out of the right grip that could be repaired, but I never did it, since it doesn't show when the revolver is displayed. It is mostly along the frame and involves the side of the grip by maybe 1mm. Someone in the past just didn't know how to remove a gutta percha grip. I have tried to get a good picture of the chip, but it is small and hard to photograph. Right side grip is fine with a couple of handling marks as expected. Screws are not buggered and I do not believe it has ever been apart.
It is marked on the topstrap "FOREHAND ARMS/WORCESTER MASS/DOUBLE ACTION" and then 1891. Serial number is on the bottom of the grip frame.
I have tried to color enhance the nickel loss so you can see it better in some of these photos. There is no active rust on the gun.
Price is $120 delivered to your door via USPS Priority Mail with insurtance and tracking. I will carefully pack this gun and ship the day payment arrives. Payment can be made about any way you want, including a discreet online one.
First unconditional "I'll take it" gets it by time stamped email or PM. I think you'll like it.
Thanks for looking.
Doby Pilgrim
Santa Fe, NM
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