WTS: Converted Saiga Izmash AK74 - LA/SGV/OC

about 1 year ago
Available on
Cal Guns

Make: Saiga
Model: IZ-332
Caliber: 5.45x39 (Ak 74)
Location (city or county): Santa Fe Springs / SGV
Price: $1,100
Will ship (Y/N): No
What is included:
* Converted Saiga IZ-332
* Cable Lock
* Factory dust cover (if I can find it)
Note: No magazine is included, takes standard Ak 74 mags
Other info: For sale / trade is a converted Saiga IZ-332. This model came from the factory with the correct forehand and threaded barrel. I have attached a Bulgarian type muzzle brake from CNC warrior. it is not permanent. You can just twist if off and use whatever you like. The conversion is done by a friend.
Previously purchased from JackRydden224, seen below, round count is probably close to 800. I have ammo available if you're interested (7n6 cans).
Since then, I have added installed bullet guide and a Texas Weapon Systems Dogleg (dust cover replacement) and it has performed amazing with my Burris AR-532... Now moving to something else...
Buyer pays all fees, I will take a 50% cost of gun fee if background check fails. PPT can be done to work with our schedules, however I prefer Weekdays: Ammo Brothers Cerritos
I will entertain fair trades, I am looking for:
- IWI X95
- Egyptian Maadi AK
- Styer Aug
Pictures below:
*Note pictures were taken in a free state, no magazines will be included.