AI AW 2.0

over 5 years ago
AI AW 2.0
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M4 Carbine

First and foremost, I DO NOT want any kind of AR be it the newest whiz bang AR you got toasted on during the craze, or any kind. If you offer up some bullshit AR, don't be offended when I tell you to go kick rocks
Now with that out of the way, I am not/nor will I be looking for any trades unless you have an AI AX in 308.
I have a less than 500 round count 2010 production AI AW. It has the FDE skins, is a folder, has 3 magazines, TAB Sling, Atlas BT10NC on the spigot, Bartlein 22" fluted barrel threaded 3/4x24 with an SAS TOMB brake, and a picatinny scope rail. It will also include a AI 34mm 18MOA scope mount.
The only trade and I mean only trade would be an AI AX, Tan or Green, with a 308 barrel and preferably threaded 5/8x24 at the muzzle.
Rifle with everything- 6300.00 shipped to you from my FFL.
Rifle alone with 1 mag- 5800.00 shipped to you from my FFL
The Schmidt and Bender is 100% absolutely NOT included
Sorry for the iPhone quality images...I can snap some more if you need them