WTT 2 AR-15's, Magazines, Ammo, gear plus 5,000.00 ish in cash for 4x4 Truck

over 5 years ago
 WTT 2 AR-15's, Magazines, Ammo, gear plus 5,000.00 ish in cash for 4x4 Truck
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Northwest Firearms

For trade I have the following.
1 Windham Weaponry SRC AR-15, Magpul MIAD grip, Magpul CTR collapsible stock. UTG Quad rail with rubber covers. Rifle has less than 150 rounds through it and is immaculate in condition.
1 Bushmaster AR-15, Flat top, Magpul MOE grip and fore-end, CTR collapsible stock. All black. Less rounds fired than the Windham.
Both these rifles are NEW with one range trip on them each. Not even broken in yet.
These are flawless quality manufactured rifles, not some Frankenstein mix match home builds.
In addition to these rifles I have the following items I will add for the right trade;
9 Magpul, 30 round P mags.
4 Metal 3 round magazines
3 Metal 20 round magazines
1 Metal 10 round magazine.
300 rounds of .223/5.56 ammunition, Brass cased.
1 Bipod with adapters for different uses.
1 Barska tactical illuminated scope.
1 carrying handle for flat top AR-15?s, doubles as rear sight.
Several Magpul rail adapters for the MOE hand guards
3 rail risers for flat top / pickatiny mounts.
2 slings, one tactical quick attach adapted, with mash hooks and carabineer type adapters. And one regular black combat type sling.
1 Tactical Range case, stores everything you need to take for range day and comes with rifle rest adapters.
Lots of cleaning equipment.
Tactical gear, plate carriers, chest rigs, magazine pouches and more. Laser light, camel back etc.
All this and ammo / storage containers for the gear for the right trade.
I am looking for a Toyota first and foremost.
I will look at Rangers, S-10?s, Frontiers as well. Or?what do you have?
Must be 4x4, LOW miles. If it has high miles but has been re-built then I need paperwork showing when where and by who etc. I do not expect new, but I don?t need another expense either. I need something reliable.
EMAIL ME at soj1057@gmail.com , the PM system here is sporadic