LCR 357 - Full carry package [EOTech trade?]

about 3 years ago
LCR 357 - Full carry package [EOTech trade?]
Erik PDX
Available on
Northwest Firearms
Portland, OR

I have a nice condition LCR .357 with three holsters, a speedloader, and some high quality SD ammo.
Holsters: Foxx hybrid (Crossbreed style), brand new Remora (worn a couple times), light weight and thin Uncle Mike's.
Ammo: 15 rounds of Buffalo Bore 357 mag 125gr low flash hollowpoints (perfect for this gun), 15 rounds Hornady 357 mag 158gr XTP hollowpoints (a little painful IMO).
I also have a speed loader and five snap caps.
Cash price is $450 or trade for a nice EOTech. I really want to keep this... but having a sweet completed AR sitting here with no optics is just not okay.