WTS: Moulds,sizing die,Franchi chokes, M1 carbine mag clip/manual

over 4 years ago
WTS: Moulds,sizing die,Franchi chokes, M1 carbine mag clip/manual
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North Dakota

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All the moulds are rusty but should function fine.
Lyman 358212BW this is the classic 146 gr. .38S&W mould I beleive it throws a .360 bullet. $25 shipped
Lyman 454190CV Classic .45 colt RN flat tip bullet I beleive it casts .454 and 250-255gr comes with handles. $30 shipped
Ideal .575 minie ball mould, I think it trows a 500gr. .575 traditional minie ball. $25 shipped
no name target style minie either .575 or .580 unsure of weight, the plug is either no the original or the screws aren't either way you can put new screws in and have a self centering style mould. $20 shipped
old dixie cap and ball moulds, came without sprue cutters .36 and .44 original colt style bullet $20 for both shipped
Franchi 20 ga chokes modified and full $25 shipped
M1 carbine "jungle clip" made to hold 2 M1 30rnd mags together and manual $15 shipped
New .452 lyman sizing die $20 shipped
Or the whole lot for $100 shipped
will take whole lot offers first.