219 Don Wasp Falling Block Brown 97D

about 2 years ago
219 Don Wasp Falling Block Brown 97D
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Long Range Hunting
Near Mt Rainier

2015 manufactured EA Brown 97D falling block single shot.
The rifle makes an accurate walking predator and varmint rifle.
Despite substantial barrel mass, the rifle weights 6.4 pounds including the Picatinny the scope rail.
The overall length of the rifle is 39 inches.
Few rifles this light will perform at this accuracy level.
24 inch EA Brown barrel is chambered for .219 Donaldson Wasp.
The chamber is very tight.
The barrel is relatively heavy. .808 at the muzzle contributes to it fine accuracy.
Because of the mild pressure cartridge and heavy barrel, it is slow to heat up in a prairie dog town.
The barrel interior is finely lapped.
You will note how easily it cleans.
The French gray finished 97D falling block action is very tight.
Rock the hammer slightly before trying to open the breech.
Accessing the chamber does not cock the hammer.
The hammer must be cocked manually to fire.
The ejection is selective upon opening.
Pull on the trigger guard lever briskly and the cartridge cases will fly out of the chamber.
Pull on the trigger guard lever slowly and the cartridge cases will fall into your hand.
The trigger is very crisp at an estimated 3 pounds.
Gold anodized aluminum joins the steel of the action to the buttstock.
The stock is straight grained walnut (it looks like Carlo to me) with a cheek piece and straight comb.
The length of pull is a manly 14
with a half inch Pachmayer pad (with white line spacer from the 60s).
The stock feels full adult size but is
The grip cap is accented with the EA Brown logo, and thankfully no white line spacer.
The stock has a distinctive black knot on the right side behind the grip.
The forend is very slim with a Schnabel tip.
I have added an insert to support a 10-32 sling swivel stud to facilitate attaching a bipod to the forend.
I am not giving up on the cartridge, I will continue to load for another .219 Donaldson Wasp falling block.
Brass is available, already formed and trimmed from EA Brown.
Their parent case for the batch I got was Hornady 30/30 brass.
I found Winchester 30/30 brass at my local big box store last week.
You can also make .219 DW cases from .22 Highpower, .219 Zipper or .25/35 brass.
I am using and a I use a Wilson bushing neck size die for routine sizing and a full length sizing die from CH4D for when the bases need attention. So far I have only full length sized 9 cases.
I use a Wilson seater.
Wilson dies are in stock at Sinclair and CH4D had a full length size die in my hands in a month.
I have put about 130 rounds through it and because of the mild nature of the cartridge, it will shoot thousands more.
$799 plus shipping.