22LR Trainer Rifles

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22LR Trainer Rifles
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Hello all,
Well it's official, my offer on a house was finally accepted!!! Thank goodness. I have the ability to pull out money against my 401k to cover all the costs of closing, but I would prefer not to do that for obvious reasons. I emptied out both safes yesterday and made some really hard decisions. I am liquidating off over half of my collection. The ones I am keeping have either sentimental value, or I simply don't believe I could reacquire another one later down the road. I'm holding off posting a few since there is interest locally, but if they fall through I will add more listings later.
Sorry no trades on any of these. Since mortgage companies require a paper trail, I will need a bill of sale for every firearm. Transfers & BGC fees are on you. Stupid Prozanski.
3.) 1889 Schmidt-Rubin 22LR Trainer converted carbine. Pre-1899 antique No FFL required, just bill of sale. I purchased a full 1889 long rifle and carbine because I love 22 trainers. But since I have 2 this one is up for sale. Comes with original leather sling and brass muzzle cap. Barrel is excellent and very accurate, a fun shooter. Straight pull bolt single shot. You never see these for sale, and these are bound to increase in value. $800 OBRO
4.) French Gras 1874 22LR Trainer converted rifle mfg 1876. Pre-1899 antique no FFL required just bill of sale. Comes with an original French leather sling. Single shot bolt action. Barrel has been shortened maybe a couple inches, so the bayonet lug is not present unfortunately. A wooden dowel is in place of the original cleaning rod. Looks patinaed and rough on the outside (my guess it saw a lot of use), but she shoots and is a lot of fun. I have never seen another one for sale. This is a great historical piece. $400 OBRO
5.) Enfield SHTLE MK IV* 22LR trainer. Mfg 1914. My very first 22 trainer that started my obsession with trainers. Excellent barrel and accuracy. Has early war features like volley rear sight and magazine cutoff. Very smooth action single shot trainer. $500 OBRO
Thanks for looking.