Browning 50 BMG semi auto ma duece OC

over 2 years ago
Browning 50 BMG semi auto ma duece OC
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South South OC

This gun is for sale until the ad diasappears. Someone posting "I'll take it" and someone handing me the cash are two different things.
For Sale one Browning 50 BMG Semi - Auto with USGI Tripod, 10 round Linker, 400 links, 2 - Heavy barrels, 200 pieces 50 bmg brass, 16 pounds of WC 872, 200 primers, 200 projectiles (SA Hard Ball), Scope Mount, and 100 rounds french surplus ammo.
No shipping
No partial sales of tripod, etc.
This was built by CWA and is in great shape, but not new shape, so perfectionists please refrain from asking questions or wasting my time.
FTF Orange County of at least close by. Your FFL must not have rectal cranial inversion and understand this IS a legal 50 bmg because it is NOT a rifle and not covered by the 50 bmg RIFLE ban- so all you arm chair lawyers, back off.
FIRM $10,000.00 - No trades will be considered
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