WTS - French MAT-49 Parts Kit, Complete, Excellent $950 OBO

almost 4 years ago
WTS - French MAT-49 Parts Kit, Complete, Excellent $950 OBO
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MAT-49 PARTS - WTS $950.00
MAT-49 (Pistollet Mitraeur, model 1949, Type 2) French Gendarme, Police Nationale or French Foreign Legion) Parts Kit
This French SMG MAT-49 Parts Kit is actually at MAC-49, manufactured by Chatterault, complete as show in pictures below.
The parts kit consists of the complete lower assemly with retractible stock, folding grip / magazine well and 1 ea magazine (32 round, and is not the 20 round Sahara Magazine).
The Upper or the Upper Receiver was cut just forward of the ejection port, as it is normal in removing the boxed sheet metal by the French during de-militarization.
The Receiver Sheet metal and the bracket/spring/pin for the rear sight are not included in the kit.
The kit does include the rear two position sight
Additionally, in the French drilled two small holes into the chamber of the barrel (at 9 and 12 o'clock).
These holes are close to the normal holes in the receiver used to evacuate a blown shell in the normal operation (open bolt, fixed firing pin gun)
The parts kit includes all parts shown.
I am asking $ 950.00 for the parts kit, as is, no returns and will pay the shipping.
Acceptable payment will be USPS check(s) only.
I will ship direct to you, as this does not need an FFL / 4473.
Due to the high capacity magazine, I will not ship this kit to any state / City that prohibits them.
These first photos show what another non-firing, dummy gun looks like when completed using this parts kit, as part of my French Collection (these are not for sale)MAT 49 001.jpg
This is the kit made into a MAC-49 Dummy Display gun (Not For Sale)MAT 49 002.jpg
The same display with the magazine / grip folded for transport.
(Not For Sale)photo.jpg
This is the same dummy gun as part of one of my legion displays.
(Not For Sale)MAT 49 006.jpg
This is the parts kit being sold.
It shows the Barrel group, where the receiver sheet metal was cut off, the cartridge ejection door and pin, the bolt, the main spring and the read sight in a replica sight frame as the real one went with the Receiver Sheet Metal discarded by the French during the De-Militarization process.Lower from above.jpg
This is the lower part of the action, looking down into the trigger and sear mechanism, all in excellent shape.Bolt Face.jpg
This is a picture of the Bolt face, with the totally functional extractor and the bolt face with the fixed firing pin.All parts from the top.jpg
These are all of the parts in their respective positions from the top, looking towards the rear.
If you have any question, please let me know.