HK 11 LMG custom clone by MM with rare ZF scope cammed in 223

about 4 years ago
HK 11 LMG custom clone by MM with rare ZF scope cammed in 223
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Hi Folks
Selling a prized build. It's a HK11 LMG clone done by MM. It was custom made for me to my specs, and topped with a super rare HKG41 Hensoldt scope 4x cammed in 223, perfect for this rifle.
Here are the buld specs:
1: MM11 223 rifle $3895
2: reinforcement side rails $175
3: paddle release $150
4: custom MSG90 tabs $240 (Urbach)
5: HK germany shell deflector plus installation $125
6: HK FMP LMG Gen 1 bipod $inc
7: HK Germany MSG90 scope mount $650
8: HK Germany G41 223 scope $750
9: HK Germany assault grip $85
10: MM 'light barrel upgrade' $240
11: HK93 new semi auto bolt carrer $650 (bolt head drilled by MM to match locating stud on chamber face)
12: HK Germany LMG clubfoot stock $325
13: Bill Springfield trigger job $65
14: HK Germany gen 3 1200m sight $350
As you can tell, this rifle was built with attention to detail and only the best parts used. Mike does a great job putting it together
but used used Malay kits for some of the bits, which of course needed to be replaced with the better, new German stuff!
Included, but not shown is the Gen 1 LMG bipod.
I'm into the build over $7700, will sell for $7250 shipped L48 with a freshly ceracoated 40rd steel mag, to a FFL what will accept form an individual. Ceritifed check or wire transfer.
Total round count is about 200? I haven't even really sighted in the scope or sights, just had so much fun with it. IIRc its pretty darn accuarate, got some nice clusters with it shooting 75gr match ammo. There is an extra divot on the SEF lower betwen S&F as I was running a Willams Set trigger for a very short while. Other than that no excuses rifle. As you can see in the pics, it is an attention getter and certainly looks the business.
This is not your ordinary HK11 clone. I'll run it here for a bit, and if it doesn't sell, then off to auction.
Thanks for looking, no trades at this time.