Get it before 41f! Ohio Rapid Fire Micro Galil SBR $2500 obo

about 2 years ago
Get it before 41f! Ohio Rapid Fire Micro Galil SBR $2500 obo
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Northeast Shooters
Issaquah, WA

I am selling my Micro Galil SBR. Built by Ohio Rapid Fire with a 10 inch barrel. Chambered in 5.56. Comes with two 50 round mags coupled together and least one other 35 round mag if I can find more, I'll include them. I have only put about 300 rounds through it. The Battlecomp is awesome. Couple feet of flame and loud as heck. The stock is pinned in some way in the fixed position. I haven't ever looked at it more closely than to see that it isn't welded so it should be able to be made to fold with a little work. We'll have to do the FFL dance as I am in Washington state and this is an NFA item. But if we can find someone who will do an e-form, it should only take a couple months to get your efiled form 4 approved depending on how you file it.
Get your Form 4 in before July 13!
Pictures here:
I am located in Issaquah WA. All laws followed.
$2,500 cash OBO. No trades at this time.