1979 Ford Bronco

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1979 Ford Bronco
Garcia Bronco
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79 Ford Bronco
This has a rebuilt 400 with unknown miles since rebuild, not many.
Motor runs great, doesn't leak or use oil.
Oil pressure is fantastic.
Has a Holley 500 cfm 2 barrel, other than that it is in stock configuration.
I just put a brand new battery into it, the old one finally gave up the ghost.
The C6 auto transmission shifts nice and smooth. She goes down the road nice and smooth, straight without any wondering or slack in the steering.
Stops good too, has a newer master cylinder.
Tires are Remington Mud Brute 255/85/16's on steel wheels.
They are the equivalent to a 33" tire and have lots of tread on them.
They howl a bit on the freeway, but that's what Mud Terrain tires do.
Updated front seats are out of a newer Explorer, as original ones were broke down and unserviceable. The center console is out of a mid 80's bronco, which is nearly identical to the original style. The rear seat is factory vinyl, all seat belts are intact and functional.
Has a Pioneer Bluetooth radio installed, only using the speakers in the doors. I recently painted the interior with Rustoleum to clean it up and make it look nice, floor only up to bedsides.
There was some surface rusting in the rear cargo area that I hit with a wheel, nothing going through but it's there.
I've seen way worse on these old girls.
I replaced the factory door panels, as they were completely unserviceable as well.
New door cups as well.
Serviced the window mechanisms, everything works smooth as it should.
I also replaced the window channel in the doors and new window wipes.
The truck locks, with the ignition key.
There is a factory locking hood latch in the truck, this is keyed to the rear window switch key.
The rear window gears have been surfaced and roll down smooth.
It rolls down with the key at the gate, the dash switch isn't currently working.
All lights, interior and exterior, work as they should.
Windshield wipers work correctly also, though the washer reservoir is gone.
Needs a headliner, I got one out of a truck and re-did it, only to find that it won't fit a bronco...
This is the last production year of the solid front axle Bronco.
Dana 44 up front and Ford 9" in the back, in case you didn't already know.
That means you can put a big block into this one without doing an axle swap, so long as you aren't off roading the bejesus out of it.
Can include a donor truck with 460 if you want a big block Bronco. No need to though, the the 400 runs just fine.
I've had the top off, it comes off easily with the help of a friend.
It has a new bolt kit holding it on now, doesn't leak a drop.
The windows in the top are tinted.
Take the top off and cruise in style. Show jeep boys what a real off roader is supposed to look like.
Looking for $6000, obo on this fine example. I'm also interested in trades.
V10 Excursions, Super duties in at least super cab configurations, 94-97 Powerstrokes (Crew Cab Preferred, but not a deal breaker if it's a super nice super cab) Diesel Suburban's (Hell, I might consider diesel anything...) Nicer sedans, BMW GS650 or similar (not a brand whore) Just try me if you're interested in a trade.
Things I'm not interested in trading for:
Anything Dodge (Unless it's a 12 valve in something other than a Dodge) Jeeps, Honda's, Boats, dirt bikes, four wheelers, your mom's antique whatever.
You get the idea.
Thank you for your interest, if you aren't severely offended or butt hurt by my post, please don't hesitate to contact me.