3 .22lr's, 3 single shot 12 gauges

over 3 years ago

					3 .22lr's, 3 single shot 12 gauges
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I have 3 Glenfield model 60's .22lr for sale.
Along with that I have 3 single shot 12 gauges. 1 is a Brazilian, 1 is an unknown (camo one), and the one missing the forearm is an H&R model 088.
I am looking for $125 each.
These are not lookers but they are shooters.
Marlin's all have little nicks on the butt stocks but all function properly.
The Brazilian 12 gauge looks for clean and has some engraving on the receiver and the stock is nice. The unknown one has a camo paint job that was not done professionally.
The H&R is obviously missing it's forearm but was told it still shoots fine.
I have not personally shot it.
Got it on a trade. South Side of Indy only for FTF, either at USDS on County Line and US 37 or Walmart on County Line and Emerson.
Not interested in trades except for a Ruger 10/22 Takedown.
I can throw in .22lr ammo to work out a trade. Thanks