BCM 16" Middy Upper/JD Machine USMC Lower

over 5 years ago
BCM 16" Middy Upper/JD Machine USMC Lower
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M4 Carbine
Not Where They Take Your Guns Away

This started as a project a while back and fell through so I combined everything together to sell as a complete carbine.
1. BCM 16" Midlength hammer forged barrel upper receiver half with LaRue 12" rail, BCM BCG, Raptor charging handle and A2 flash hider.
2. Lower receiver is a JD Machine with USMC Eagle, Anchor and Globe engraved on the left side. It has an ALG QMS trigger, standard lower parts kit with a Battle Arms Selector Lever, Tango Down pistol grip, Vltor A5 kit with -1 buffer and green Springco spring. The stock is a B5 systems Bravo stock. All parts are 100% new.
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