WTS: M1 Garands

over 4 years ago
WTS: M1 Garands
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Springfield M1 .308 S/N 57844XX Nearly new .308 heavy barrel. TE less than 1. National match rear sight, Redfield globe front sight. Laminated glass bedded stock. Slight toe damage on stock. With CMP paper work and certificate of authenticity. Nice rifle.
SOLD $900 SPF plus $50.00 Shipping and insurance by USPS priority mail in a CMP padded box.
Top M1 in picture.
HRA M1 .30-06 S/N 56077XX CMP service grade from 1999. Nearly all HRA except the trigger group which is SA. Parkerized metal finish is about 85%. Barrel marked HRA with TE about 2 and the muzzle passes the bullet test. Barrel is in nice and bright and shiny with the breach in the white. HRA marked rear sight. HRA marked oprod. HRA marked bolt. Very good condition walnut HRA stock with 1/2 DAS and cirle P proof. - 18 SA trigger group with stamped trigger quard. With CMP service grade paper work. Nice rifle that just needs an HRA trigger group to be correct.
$900 plus $50.00 Shipping and insurance by USPS priority mail in a CMP padded box.
HRA M1 56M 1.jpg
WW2 Springfield M1 .30-06 S/N 5466XX DCM service grade from 1991. Receiver dates to 1942. Rifle looks to have been rebuilt at some point but retains many early parts. Black parkerized metal finish is near 100%. Barrel marked with an upside down SA 2 42 with TE right about 1 and the muzzle easily passes the bullet test. I do not have a ME gauge so that's the best I can do. Bore is excellent condition, bright and shiny with sharp lands and grooves. No rust or pitting. Breach end of barrel is parkerized. No chrome on gas port. Round end lock bar rear sights. -9 Sa curved side uncut oprod. -18 SA bolt. -8 SA trigger group with milled trigger quard without drawing number. Very good/excellent condition walnut stock with A4 rebuild mark and P proof. With DCM paper work from 1991. Nice rifle rebuilt eary WW2 rifle with lots of WW2 parts.
Can only be shipped to FFL or C&R holder. I am not an FFL myself so must be willing to accept rifle from non-FFL holder.
Certified funds and personal checks accepted for payment. Personal checks held to clear before shipping.
Rifle will be sold to the first unconditional "I'll take it" that I receive.