GA Presion Tempest 6.5wsm McMillan Seekins Dbm

about 1 year ago
GA Presion Tempest 6.5wsm McMillan Seekins Dbm
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Long Range Hunting

This rifle is a awesome long range hunting rifle however after having twins recently I realized I won't be needing it anytime soon. It was built by benchmark barrels. It weighs right at 10lbs.
GA Precision Tempest action
Jewell trigger set at 1lb
McMillan htg adjustable comb
Seekins Dbm
Benchmark 8 twist #5 fluted 27" with 2 port brake.
I have norma brass and redding competition dies also and 3 additiinal 7rd accurate mags available.
Rifle only has 40rds through it. I have a good load for it but haven't had time to test it at distance to confirm.
Rifle with 1 mag $3100 obo
Rifle with 4 mags dies and brass $3500 obo
I am open to trades. 3 lug actions, 6 dasher, glocks, scopes. Competition rigs.... it never hurts to ask ​

I respond faster via text 3606326482 or email