Tavor 18.5" FDE in OC

almost 2 years ago
Tavor 18.5" FDE in OC
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Cal Guns

Includes box and all original parts. I bought a 3.5" muzzle device to get the rifle to be about 30.4" OAL. About 300 rounds shot through it. No problems what so ever.
Purchased new in 2013 when I thought "last chance" to own something like this. Looks like NOW is the last chance. I since bought something else I plan to keep and now offer this up in case someone is looking for one.
I have a little over $2,500 into this. Will sell for best reasonable offer. Only trades I'm interested in are a Gen4 Glock 20 in FDE or a Kimber Montana in 25-06.
I'm near where 405 meets 55...Fountain Valley area. Transfer at OC Outdoors preferred since the wait will be more reasonable than a place like Riflegear. If you want to transfer at Riflegear, sure, go there pull a number and when your number is about 15 minutes from being called send me a text.