Excellent Set! Swiss K31 (Sacramento, Will Ship)

over 3 years ago
Excellent Set!  Swiss K31 (Sacramento, Will Ship)
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Make: Swiss Milsurp
Model: K31
Caliber: 7.5 Swiss
Location (Sacramento):
Price: See Description
Will ship (Y/N): Yes
Other info: Beautiful full set!
Gun/package priced below
Up for sale is this all-matching Swiss K31 military rifle.
These guns are known for great accuracy in the hands of Swiss marksmen.
When asked by a German general what would the Swiss do if the Germans attacked with a force twice as large as the Swiss, the Swiss general replied "Shoot twice... and go home."
They had great confidence in the superb engineering of these rifles and now this one can be yours.
The trigger pull on these guns is terrific for a milsurp and this one is no exception.
I have owned this gun a few years but I have never live fired it.
This rifle was issued to Swiss soldier who took it home with him after being discharged, which I'm given to understand was the custom.
This rifle does have the original tag with the soldier's name and where he was stationed.
(not pictured because I have temporarily misplaced it, but it will accompany the rifle at time of sale or as soon as possible thereafter).
It is in over-all excellent condition - yes, the original beech stock has been lightly refinished but retains the original character and looks new-ish, the stamped emblem in the buttstock is still clearly visible.
You don't see a lot of them in this kind of shape these days!
This one comes equipped with an S&K scout-mount for a long eye relief scope, so that you can wring every bit of accuracy out of this rifle's true potential.
The original iron sight will also accompany the gun at the time of purchase.
Accompanying this rifle are TEN of the Swiss charging clips.
Those clips will come to you full of near-match original Swiss GP-11 ammunition, ready to feed and fire.
Bear in mind, these clips are cardboard and metal and over half a century old, so I recommend keeping them as military souvenirs rather than actually using
them because I'm fairly sure they were intended for single use only.
You fired all six rounds from the detachable box magazine but a 7th Hun is still charging you?
Be ready with this bayonet and scabbard!
These are occasionally available but this one is in such nice condition it is a perfect match for this beautiful rifle.
Finally - last but certainly not least - we come to the ammo section of this offering.
Up for sale is a full 480 round case of the terrific GP-11 Swiss.
This ammo is all NON-CORROSIVE and brass cased.
It is berdan primed, so it is difficult to reload unless you are set up for that priming system.
But the brass cases are fully recyclable and we all know that brass doesn't go cheap these days.
In addition to the full case of GP-11, there is a 20 round box of Wolf Gold 7.5 Swiss which is also brass cased and is BOXER primed and thus easily reloaded, using standard .308 bullets and standard rifle primers.
I am more than willing to ship it to your local FFL for sale to you, in your own area. Buyer pays actual shipping from my FFL.
I will be offering it here on CALGUNS for a week before opening it up to GB for the world to compete for. Because of the specialized appeal of these guns, If this really strikes your fancy, it may be a good idea to act on that idea sooner rather than later!
Due to potential issues, I regret that I must ask for payment before I will make an appointment for the transfer if doing a local PPT. I apologize for this but the conduct of A FEW inconsiderate or unscrupulous buyers makes this a necessary prerequisite. Payment accepted via cash or money order.
CHECK MY FEEDBACK! I do business honestly and expect the same. First "I'll Take It" post in this thread - meaning, on the terms given in this post - will be the buyer, provided that buyer follows through with contact info and payment within 72 hours. If there is no follow-through the right-of-way naturally passes to the second "I'll Take It!" poster. Please don't PM me unless it is a follow up to your "I'll Take It!" with your contact info.
It is my hope and intention to sell this collection in a single transaction.
With this complete set, what more could you want except perhaps a scope and a decent range, and time to go shooting!
And you will get a great setup at a much lower cost than if you had to acquire all of these separately.
But I am open to considering splitting up the set if the price is right (see below).
I will be advertising the ammo separately in the "Ammo for Sale" section so if you want it, by all means don't let the grass grow under your feet.
Swiss K31 rifle (as shown with full charging clips and scope mount) - $325
Bayonet and Scabbard - $80
Full 480 rd Case GP-11 Ammo - $300
Full box Wolf Gold 7.5 Swiss - $22
Cost purchased separately - $707
Your cost when purchased as a complete set - Just $620!
You save $87!